Sam Acoff
SCTE, Great Lakes Chapter – President
Headend Engineering Dept. – Comcast, Greater Detroit East Market, 2007 – Present

SCTE GLC Member, 2012 – Present
SCTE GLC Board of Director, 2018 – Present
Current SCTE GLC President, Jan 2023 – Dec 2023
Former SCTE GLC Vice President, Jan 2022 – Dec 2022
Former SCTE GLC Secretary, Jan 2019 – Dec 2020
Started his career in February 2007 in the Southfield System. From Installation and Service to Network Maintenance now recently Headend Engineering of 2014, Sam has 17 years of experience in cable systems ranging from Engineering disciplines in Monroe up to the Michigan Thumb and across to Northern Indiana cable systems.
As an arsenal of competencies, he has certification course work and experience with Arista, Ciena, Cisco, and Juniper networks. His perseverance of excellence has served him in managing, designing, rebuilding, implementing, and maintaining Inside Plant, along with Outside Plant infrastructures of cable television systems. Sam is experienced with Next-Gen technologies such as
Carrier-Grade Ethernet, DOCSIS 3.1, Full Duplex DOCSIS, Fiber-deep High-Density deployments, MPEG 4 Video formatting, RFoG, PON, DAA – (rPHY, rOLT, and vCMTS) and Cloud Video Content Delivery Networks just to name a few. In addition to telecommunications experience, he is also US-EPA certified or Safety experienced in the HVAC field of A/C systems, Heating systems, and Electrical system devices associating to 3 phase motors, Capacitors, to Transformers that aid in the evolutions of
Critical Infrastructure for Headends. His continued aspiration to develop influencers along with contributors amongst the telecommunications community is an asset to the board and the industry. Recently he has contributed to certification exam writing and release for the SCTE National’s Learning and Development leadership and currently serving on a national committee to help shape Chapter performance for a stable future in the Global space of SCTE under Cable Labs.
His work ethic, generosity, and team player spirit complement the awesome members of the SCTE leadership and board community.


Eric Fallows
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Vice President
Engineer 4, TPX Connect Network Services, National Traffic & Capacity – Comcast Cable – 18 Years

Started his Comcast career in February of 2006 in the Ann Arbor IPSSC/Call Center where he provided internet and telephone customers with troubleshooting, provisioning, and support for both services. In 2008, he went to work for the Midwest Region NOC as a Network Surveillance Technician. As the Regional NOCs standardized to Xcellence of Operation Centers (XOCs) in 2010, he became an HFC Desk Technician, which later evolved into a Network Services Desk Technician. In 2012, he had the opportunity to become a CMTS Engineer and was in control of writing and implementing internal configurations for routers such as Motorola BSR, Arris C4C, Arris C4, Cisco 10k/Harmonic 6G, and the Arris E6000 gear, supporting both the Heartland and Big South regions. In 2014, he was recruited by the Heartland region Capacity Team to project manage CMTS card adds, node split projects, and VOD capacity expansion. Based on his hard work and customer focus, he won the Heartland Customer Experience Award in 2017, which was a very proud moment for him. From 2018 into 2021, he worked for the Comcast Central Division Capacity Team and was involved in budgeting. He was the National planning team’s POC for vCMTS (PPOD, CCV Rack, DAAS+HAGG, and RF Shelf), CMTS cards, and CMTS chassis deployments.
For the past two years, Eric is working for the HQ TPX Connect Traffic & Capacity Team. He supports all Divisions from a wide array with regard to Capacity planning for both OSP and ISP including: National KPIs, Divisional fiscal augment reviews, ECAF & P2 bugs & enhancements, Tableau report building, SQL and is his team’s lead for FDX.
Eric began his SCTE involvement in 2019 as an Associate Board Member and in 2020 he became a Board Member. He spent two years as the chapter secretary and is looking forward to his 2nd year as the VP. In addition to local SCTE involvement, he is on the CLC Subcommittee, and has an SCTE centered podcast on Spotify called “Neat Network & Cool Capacity”.


Chris Coker
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Treasurer / Director of Communications
Headend Tech 2 – Comcast

In February 2003 Christopher Coker started Comcast as an Installer in Ann Arbor. In January of 2005 he left cable to follow his
dream to become a Detroit Police Officer. In May of 2005 the Detroit Police Academy was laid off. Christopher reapplied to Comcast but this time, due to family scheduling restraints, at the Call Center. He was hired in February 2006 and worked in the Call Center until he was hired in Plymouth as a Service Tech in 2008. In 2009 Christopher went back to Ann Arbor as a Network Maintenance Technician. He worked there until 2016 when he accepted his current role in the Detroit West Area Headend.
Christopher has over 16 years in the Cable Industry. He began developing his knowledge base with the NCTI program and then started certifying with SCTE. Currently Christopher holds SCTE Certifications in BDS, BTS and BTCS. He is currently working on DVEP and has held Juniper JNCIA Networking certification. This year Christopher was nominated and selected to Comcasts L2L program where he is working on developing leadership skills for his current and future roles. Christopher started becoming active in the SCTE Great Lakes Chapter in 2008 as a new Network Maintenance Technician. His first experience was with the Cable Games. He competed in them for 5 years and then switched over to serving as a judge. Christopher credits SCTE for a large part of his professional success. He has taken full advantage of available training material, white papers, chapter events, webinars and courses. SCTE has played such a pivotal role in his technical development. Christopher proudly shares his experiences about what SCTE has done for him in hopes that others will seek the available opportunities SCTE offers.


Brandon Agacinski
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Secretary

I have been in the cable industry for 19 years (Aug 2000) and an SCTE member since 2004. I started my career at Comcast cable in St. Clair Shores, MI as an Installer/Service Technician, where I learned the basics of the cable industry. In 2005 I was promoted to a Network Operations Technician and performed advance troubleshooting and Maintenance to the HFC system.
During my time as a Network Technician, I found that I had a desire to be part of the leadership team at Comcast. I began taking multiple leadership courses to obtain that goal and in 2010 I was promoted to a Network Supervisor in Royal Oak Mi. I then moved through several systems (SEMI, Port Huron / Bad Axe & Detroit) refining my leadership style and continuing my passion for Network Operation. In 2016 I was promoted to a Regional Network Operations Manager where I had oversight over the regions Power Supply Maintenance & Leakage programs, I also provided performance analytics to the Heartland regions SLT. In 2018 I was promoted to Sr. Network Operation Manager of the Central Michigan Area which consists of 5 systems and 71 team members.
I have a passion for our Industry and enjoy helping others obtain knowledge and Personal growth.
I am part of the SCTE because it cultivates an environment where everyone can be successful in their career.


Philip R Cornelius
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Board Member/Director of Training & Development
Sr. Manager Network Operations – Central Michigan Area

Philip R. Cornelius is a Sr. Manager for Network Operations that oversees 6 systems in the Central Michigan Area that provides Comcast services for over 500,000 customers.
Philip has over 22 years of cable experience. He started his cable career with Media One in 1998 as an Installer/Service tech in the Southfield/West Bloomfield Area. In 2003, he advanced to become a Network Tech in the Detroit System; a position he held for 5 years. He then then promoted to a Technical Operations Supervisor for the Detroit System. In 2011 he promoted to the Network Supervisor for Royal Oak and has been recently promoted to Sr. Manager for Network Operations for the CMA.
Philp is a recent graduate of the Comcast APEx program and a current member of Comcast Diversity, Equality and Inclusion committee. He is also a member of the BEN (Black Employee Network) ERG group for comcast.
Philip has been a member of the SCTE for over 15 years and has been a board member on the Great Lakes Chapter for the past 3 years. Philip is currently the 2021 SCTE Great lakes Chapter treasurer in which he has held that position since 2020.



Clinton Duke
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Board Member

My cable career started as a contractor for Comcast before moving inhouse in 2003 as an installer before transitioning to the phone team. In 2006 I moved to the Network Maintenance Department where I remained for 11 years before moving to the Construction Department in 2017 and then to the Network Capacity team in 2018. I currently oversee node splits for East Michigan and am working with the Big South Region to align node split workflows to expand One Network processes. Since beginning my Comcast career, I have received numerous NCTI certifications and a bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity. My involvement with the SCTE includes attending meetings in the past and participating in the cable games during the majority of my time in the Network Maintenance Department.




Matt Coles
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Board Member
SR. Technical/Business Trainer – Comcast University – 27 Years

Matt is a highly recommended technical/business development facilitator with 25 years of experience, who is knowledgeable about methods in developing and delivering successful training programs that have proven results.
During his 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Matt has held many different roles such as Service/Maintenance technician, Technical Operations Supervisor, Line engineer and is currently in the role of Sr. Technical/Business Trainer.
Matt attended Oakland University and holds many different certifications. Matt has many professional accomplishments; SCTE Master Technician, Master fiber Technician, Broadband Premise Technician, Masterful trainer to name a few. He has also been a finalist for a Circle of Success award at Comcast. Matt has also been a SCTE national member since 2007 and is serving on the board of the Great Lakes Chapter.
“I am honored to have been in this great business for over 25 years! I have built many great relationships over the years. I am able to do this by connecting on a personal/professional level. I’ve stayed involved with the SCTE locally and nationally because I enjoy the challenge and opportunity to bring the best information and benefits of the SCTE to our members.”



Ronald Stadler Jr
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Board Member
Tech 2, Headend Engineering – Comcast Cable

Ronald has 24 years in the telecommunications industry. He currently holds the title of Headend Technician 2 (Certified). Prior to becoming a headend tech, Ronald worked as both a service tech and maintenance tech for Comcast serving the Southeast MI area. These experiences allowed him to gain vast knowledge in RF and optical transmissions, powering, and proactive network maintenance. This propelled Ron to his current role where he supports ISP builds/designs of new and augmented nodes to
drive down capacity and create a better customer experience. In this role, he also supports remote RHY technology, metro-ethernet, HSD, video, VOD, and core link maintenance on the network.
SCTE – 2013 Member of the Young Professionals Network ERG Certifications
SCTE – 2016 – Certified as a Broadband Distribution Specialist
NCTI – 2016 – Certified as a Master Technician and Master Tech HFC Networks
Arapahoe CC – 2019 – Certificate in Broadband Technology
SCTE is a constant in an ever-changing technical world. I look forward to assisting in the many ways SCTE can help drive our knowledge and passion for the industry!



Lori Tallent
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Board Member / Director of Special Events

I have worked for Digitrace since 1986.I have been involved with the Great Lakes Chapter for over 25 years. I became a National SCTE Member in 2017 when I began serving on the SCTE Great Lakes Chapter Board. Annually I help run the Vendor Day and Golf Outing, our two biggest events. I have also served on the Financial Review Committee and the Election Committee over the years.
I have enjoyed being involved, seeing the chapter and board grow, facing new challenges, and at times being pushed out of our/my comfort zone to learn new things. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this great group!




Shawn Billore
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Board Member / Director of Marketing

Construction Audit Manager – Comcast Cable – 20 Years
I have been a member of the SCTE since 2008 and have been an associate board member for the last 2 years. This year I had the privilege of attending CLC and the entire experience was great. I was able to network with people, something I have not been able to do in a long time and I was able to learn a great deal on how I can help our chapter improve and become even better than we already are.

I served in the Marine Corps as a Radio Operator from 1997-2001. In 2003 I joined Comcast Cable out of the Royal Oak System. I was in Tech Ops for 2 years, before taking a position as a Network Tech in Royal Oak. In 2007 I took a position as a Tech Ops Supervisor and held that position till 2009 at which I transitioned into the Network Maintenance Supervisor. I held that position in Royal Oak and Sterling Heights System. My current Position I am on the Construction Audit Manager for Central Division. I
have a team of 5 people and we ensure that division funded construction projects were billed and constructed according to the standards.
I have a bachelor’s degree from Walsh College in Business Administration. I love to learn new things and continue to grow my knowledge as much as possible. Being a part of the SCTE Board over the last few years has been a great experience for me. I was able to help with Vendor fair, Golf Outing, set up a class on locating and assist one of my peers in with their in-person meeting. Working on these different events has helped me to get out and network with others, since I work from home now and I am not able to do this as much.


EmailJason Wozniak
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Board Member
Headend Tech 1 – Comcast

Jason Wozniak started Comcast in August of 2006 as in installer at the Plymouth Office. He transferred to Network Maintenance 4 years later and worked in that role for almost 11 years. Today Jason works in the Greater Detroit Headend and is fast approaching on his 2-year anniversary. In his current role Jason has managed the Walled Lake Hub and the West Bloomfield OTN. His focus has been the deployment of RPHY and the oversight of Walled Lake’s new addition.
Jason’s first introduction to the SCTE and the Great Lakes Chapter was the Cable Games he competed in while working in the Network Maintenance Department. Jason was a strong competitor and later choose to volunteer his time as a SCTE Cable Games Judge. This year Jason has decided to give back to this great organization by joining the board as an associate member.
He is excited of what this year will bring and the opportunities he will be able to assist in moving our Chapter forward.



Ashon Parker
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Board Member
Detroit Network Supervisor – Comcast – 19 years

Memberships…… Toastmasters Sargent of Arms
I joined Comcast Cable September 5, 2000, and I am currently a Detroit Network Supervisor. 2016 –
Present Detroit Network Supervisor.
2004 – 2016 Network Tech in South East MI and Detroit 2000 – 2004 Service / Installation Technician
1998 – 2000 Service Tech Prince Telcom
I have been working for the cable industry since I was 21 years old, and I love what I do. I started at Prince Telcom installing @home internet service where I became a supervisor. I got hired into Comcast in the year 2000 to service internet, and eventually I start doing Video, service and installs. I was selected to attend Corner Stones a leadership development session for Comcast in 2003 because of the great job I was doing as a Service Tech. In 2004 I became a Network Tech in South East Mi and received the first employee of the month selection. In 2012, I was hired as a Network Tech in Detroit and help manage the Market Health Team. I am Currently a Network Supervisor in Detroit

I love what I do. I am considered a go-to person when it comes to questions about the Aurora Node. I am looking to join the SCTE Board of Directors to expand my network opportunities to become a more well-rounded person in the cable industry.
Thank You
Ashon Parker


Amanda Breitmaier
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Associate Board Member

Senior Business Analyst – Comcast Cable – 7.5 Years

I joined Comcast as a Contractor in April 2015 as a Senior Project Manager for the Northeast Division where I was responsible for 10-12 large cross-functional projects with teams of 20-25 people and supporting the 5 NED regions (Beltway, GBR, WNE, Keystone, and Freedom) on Conditional Access and Video projects such as CAP-1000, SEM to Adult APEX, DAC-CASMR R8A&B, etc.

In July of 2018, I started working in the Central Division as a Project Manager 4 supporting the CMTS Engineering and Capacity Teams, managing CMTS/vCMTS POR deployments, the Engineering Finance Portal, process documentation, and quarterly POR reporting, in addition to monthly forecasting for CMTS and CRAN.

Most recently, I have accepted an in-house role as Senior Business Analyst for Critical Infrastructure & System Integration in the Central Division.

I have been a member of SCTE since October of 2020 and have attended many trainings and webinar sessions, which I’ve enjoyed immensely. The visual aids and explanations have really helped me gain clarity on the projects in which I’ve been involved. I spent 15 years working in Educational Assessment prior to working at Comcast and I’d like to utilize that background to become a more involved member of the board to polish existing trainings and develop new ones, as well as continue my telecom education.

Scrum Alliance – Certified Scrum Master® (Certificate ID: 000784008)
Toastmasters International – Member (ID: 04450637)
SCTE – CableLabs Seat Member (ID: 694200)




Christopher Justice
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Associate Board Member


SCTE National Member Great Lakes Chapter Board Member 2014
My cable career started in 2000 with Comcast in Augusta GA. I’ve held various positions in the company, Installer and Service Tech, Lead Tech, Network Tech and also Direct Sales Rep. I have learned a lot from each of these positions which I believe will help our local chapter.

I attended Augusta State University after serving in the U.S. Navy. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree management. I also attended the National Chapter Leadership Conference in April 2015




David Margetson
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Associate Board Member

Supervisor Planning and design Central division

I began my cable career in Flint Michigan in 2000 as an installer. I stayed in installation for about 2 years while moving through training (Comtech) levels and becoming a Network technician. I moved into Network maintenance in 2002 where I grew my skills for several years. After working on a node split project that started in 2018, I decided to start a different career path and moved into planning and design in 2019. In January of 2021 they created a new department that was dedicated to Planning and
design capacity. I have been leading that department since March of 2021. I am looking forward to continuing to learn and grow in the future.

I am new to SCTE involvement but have been a long-time member and am looking forward to how I can help in the years ahead.



Thomas Terreault
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Associate Board Member

Network Maintenance Supervisor – Comcast – 14 years

National Member – SCTE Great Lakes Chapter Member
Comcast ERG – Veterans Network Brief work history…..
I joined Comcast Cable in 2008 and am currently the Network Maintenance Supervisor, Plymouth,
2008 – 2010 CAE, Comcast Cable, Ann Arbor, MI
2010 – 2015 Residential CommTech, Comcast Cable, Plymouth, MI 2015 – 2019 Network Maintenance Tech,
Comcast Cable, Plymouth, MI
2019 – Present Network Maintenance Supervisor, Comcast Cable, Plymouth, MI Accomplishments work and
As a Network Technician I assisted in Hurricane restoration in Florida in 2017. In 2018 I was part of the Heartland Commtech Jeopardy team, where we took 2nd place in the National Championship. I was part of a Nationwide Network group with Mike O’Dell that trialed and tested new programs before they were released to the field.

As a Network Supervisor I have been involved in many projects including, leading 6th US Carrier cleanup, Red Node Reduction, and on the Network Maintenance eNPS Council.

I have volunteered for the past three years for Comcast’s Beyond School Walls Program (Big Brother/Big Sister) mentoring students in different aspects of daily life, including schoolwork, career goals, and day to day occurrences.
I have stayed involved with the SCTE Great Lak e about the latest technology that is around us in this constantly evolving industry.



Ken Williams
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Associate Board Member

Supervisor Supply Chain (RFC) – Heartland Region

Ken is a United States Navy veteran, and a seasoned Supply Chain Supervisor that supervises one of Heartlands highest volume warehouses of the Central Division.

He manages equipment and materials used for project Genesis, BAU Network engineering, North SIT, Metro-E and Technical operations. Ken supports multiple Xfinity stores and Let’s Talk Mobile business partner locations in addition to two digital remote spokes.

Ken has successfully partnered and participated in multiple high priority projects that included: Transcendent training / regional rollout, HUB2u Inventory operation training / regional rollout and Reddogg supplemental ordering tool regional rollout. He also has proficient knowledge of Detroit’s project green light materials and CPE support.

Ken is a regionally certified forklift/defensive driver trainer with 20 years of cable experience. His cable career started in 2003 as a Customer Account Executive in Sterling Heights. In 2005, he transferred to Supply Chain department in the Warren system; a position he held for multiple years. Ken was promoted to Supply Chain Supervisor of the Detroit / Taylor systems in 2014.

He is a recent graduate of Central Division L2L Linked to Leadership, HQ DLM Developing a Leadership Mindset, and HQ Smeal/Penn State Supply Chain Excellence program facilitated by Corp /U. Ken is a current member of multiple Comcast ERG’s, SCTE, ASCM and pursuing CSCP certification.





Jon Angeles
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Associate Board Member

“I have been a member of SCTE since 2014, and I’ve been in the cable industry for 15+ years. I started with no previous knowledge, outside of doing low voltage work for my Father’s central vacuum company from the age of 10.

In those 15 years I have worked my way up from a prem tech to head of maintenance, to now being Operations Supervisor for Wyandotte ConneX, while also being a full-time chicken farmer. “



Jayson Sims
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Associate Board Member
Construction Supervisor (Fiber) – Comcast Cable – 7 years

National Member – SCTE
Great Lakes Chapter Board assistant since 2023, Current Secretary
National Member – WICT
Brief work history…..
I joined Comcast Cable in January 2017 and am currently the Construction Supervisor for the in-house fiber team, Eastern Michigan.
2015 – 2017 Fiber Optic Supervisor, Communication Construction Group, Canton, MI
2001 – 2015 Project Manager, Advanced Communication inc, Canton, MI

Accomplishments work and SCTE…….
My team attend SCTE Great Lakes Chapter cable games this year and they won overall as a team also one of the fiber techs taking becoming the overall winner for the games itself. This was a great accomplishment for the team being their first year competing together. Work related accomplishments the in-house fiber team has helped drive the Metro-e completion times down and the
Michigan outage times due to their fast response and ability to resolve complex issues.

I am a new SCTE Board Assistant member, but I have participated in SCTE events for many years now from being a judge at the cable games to attend the SCTE golf outing for more than 4 years now. I have also attended numerous trainings along with my team.



Brian Howard Sr
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Associate Board Member

A dedicated professional with a rich and diverse background spanning 18 years in the US Navy as an Electronics Technician Chief Petty Officer and currently serving as a Technical Operations Manager at Comcast. My journey in the military equipped me with valuable technical skills and a strong commitment to excellence, traits that continue to drive my success in the civilian sector.

In my role at Comcast for the past 16 years, I have honed my expertise in technical operations, consistently delivering high-quality solutions and ensuring seamless connectivity for our customers. As a leader, I’ve taken on additional responsibilities as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) leader, driving initiatives that foster a culture of belonging and equality within the organization.

Being a passionate advocate for veterans, I leverage my experiences to support and uplift fellow servicemen and women transitioning to civilian life. My commitment to fostering diversity extends beyond the workplace, as I lead Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that promote inclusivity and collaboration.

Driven by a passion for technology and a commitment to excellence, I bring a unique blend of military precision and corporate leadership to every endeavor. Whether optimizing complex electronic systems or leading technical teams, my goal is to deliver exceptional results.



James Cianciolo
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Associate Board Member
Network Communications Technician Level 5 Advanced – Comcast

Educational Background:
Macomb Community College Associate of Arts General Business 1999
Oakland University Bachelor Of Science Business Management 2009 MCL

At the forefront of operational expertise, as a PAL, and carving a path toward SCTE leadership and support, you will find James Cianciolo. A dedicated, high performing, team player whose commitment to continuous development is evident every day in his focus on efficiency, teamwork, and providing an excellent customer experience.

Beginning his career with Comcast in 2010, James has successfully navigated a career path leading him to the sought after role as a Network Communications Technician lvl 5 Advanced. Cianciolo earned this promotion in 2016 after a highly successful
career as a communications technician lvl 4 advanced, and is now supporting capacity control, compliance, inventory control, performance optimization and logistics, while always maintaining a high commitment to the customer’s experience.

James celebrates diversity through his commitment to multiple ERGs (BEN, WEN, UNIDOS, INDIGINOUS, OUT, MY ABILITIES, VET), Internet Essentials ambassadorship, Employee Advisory Council and his volunteer work at multiple Special Olympic events. His focus on continuous development is evident through his accelerated career progression, PAL involvement, LEAD selection and graduation, Day in the life corporate video, GIG Program development and strong commitment to a highly skilled,
cross functional team.

James looks forward to promoting membership growth by penetrating other areas of our business not currently engaged. He has a strong focus on learning and development, and this will continue in his new role with the SCTE. Focusing on member’s development in their current role, as well as developing skills and knowledge critical to professional expertise and advancement.
Together, we can accomplish great things. Your support is greatly appreciated!



Fred Cardenas
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Associate Board Member

I started my Comcast Career in 2007 as a service technician in Plymouth. In 2010, I was selected as one of the original Comcast Business techs in the Plymouth office before going to transitioning to a Regional Commercial Team which now Metro-E. I became a techs-ops supervisor in 2015 in Plymouth and moved to the Detroit office in 2021. 2024 is my first year as SCTE board member. I joined to collaborate with the network dept. and to be a representation of technical operations.


Marco Rojas
SCTE Great Lakes Chapter – Associate Board Member