Andrew Rebant

SCTE National Member 2012 – present

Great Lakes Chapter Board Member 2015 – present


I joined Comcast Cable in 2006 as a customer account exec in our Sterling Heights location. Fast forward to today, currently working as a NCT 5 with our South East Michigan network team. I’ve been very fortunate to work my way through this great company from CAE to install/service tech to business tech to network tech.


I became a part of the GLC and a national member in 2012. I attended a few meetings here and there. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to be part of this organization and I wanted to actually have a role and a say in the training that we seek out and provide.


SCTE has provided me with invaluable leadership training, relevant and on point technical trainings and has given me countless networking opportunities. I have had an amazing opportunity to build relationships and work with some brilliant people from inside and out of my company. The journey thus far has been astounding and I am eager to continue developing and moving forward with this great organization and board.


Location : St. Clair Shores, MI